The dual metrics - and hallmarks - of our services are high job acquisition and low recidivism.

A job is the key that opens the door to a new life. 8 out of 10 of our participants succeed in getting employment. In fact, of 350 people who came to Project Return in 2016, 315 (90%) got jobs. This is the opposite of the norm, in which up to 70% of people are unemployed for their first year after incarceration.

Project Return works. 

While the national recidivism rate hovers around 60%, and around 40% in Tennessee, the rate for people coming through Project Return is consistently lower than 15%.

Cost Comparison:

The funds utilized by Project Return represent money not spent on incarceration. The annual cost of imprisonment in Tennessee is $27,000 per person. Comparing Project Return's lower recidivism to the higher rate of the state overall, and considering just the cost of imprisonment, Project Return saved $2.5M taxpayer dollars in 2016.